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October Blog

I’m not big on Blogging, but here’s what’s been happening since the last time.

It’s been a busy few months with work and family.   I did head over to Michigan for a few days of relaxation and touring.  I also managed to go on a Mediterranean Cruise to Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and Greece.   had a […]

It's been a while

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here.  Work and Family matters have kept me busy so I haven’t had the chance to take any photos lately.  But I will be taking some soon.  During the Summer, I took some pictures of the Corso Italia and Brazil Fest festivals.  I didn’t post many […]

Doing some general cleanup

Just going thru the gallery and tagging some of the pictures to see if I can get better traffic.   Most of the pictures were not tagged properly so I’m re-tagging them and adding more.

Discover Brazil Magazine Lauch

On April 13th, we had the pleasure of attending the Discover Brazil Magazine Launch.     I was there to enjoy myself and pay support to my friends who were involved with the magazine.   There were lots of people attending, including media, consulate officials, sponsors and friends.    I had my camera with me but opted not to use […]

Crazy day at the Niagara Falls Love & Romance show and at an Superbowl party

On February 7th, Josh Mayhem and I attended the Niagara Falls Love and Romance show in St. Catherines.  We had a great time and met up with some old friends, Shawn, Nancy and the crew from Trainwrek Radio.  We didn’t stay long as Josh had another job in Marham to do bodypainting at a Superbowl Party.   […]

Vaudeville and Burlesque Bowling

On January 24th, Virgina D’vine got a group together of Vaudeville and Burlesque people to play a friendly game of Bowling at the Danford Bowl. I was there to capture some of their moments. We all had a great time drinking and bowling. I’ve posted the pictures in the gallery.

Toronto Everything to do with Sex show links

The Toronto Sun covered the show all weekend.  Here’s a link to the article.



My friend, Andree De Viller has also posted her video blog on Yahoo.

Toronto Everything to do with Sex Show 2009

It’s been a long 3 days, if you don’t count the pre-show kickoff party.    The Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show 2009 is finally over.  I took over 2000 pictures plus over 300 at the pre-show party.  There were lots of flashing going on and most of it wasn’t from the cameras.  Ran into […]

Website is done

I finally rebuilt the site.  It is ready to go.  Thanks to Josh Mayhem for his help on the site.  Not fully complete since I still need to add tags and keywords, but it’s down to a satisfactory level.     Now I need to clean up the host files and clear up some space.

Welcome to Armando Moments

Welcome to Armando Moments

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