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Costa Rica 2011 Karate Tournament

On January 1, 2011, We had the pleasure of travelling with a large group of people to Costa Rica for a Friendship Karate tournament.  Our competitors were composed of people from Several Ontario martial arts Clubs and were there representing Canada.  The Costa Rican competitors were also composed of about 3 martial arts clubs from the Liberia and Guanacaste region.  On the 2 day competition, our team came back with 70 Gold, 62 Silver and 54 Bronze medals.  There were also 7 Kyu Belt Triple Crown (golds in Forms, weapons and Sparring) winners of which 3 were Black Belts.

We had a great time in Costa Rica and would love to return some day.  Literally Costa Rica translates to Rich Coast, which in fact was quite rich in wildlife.  We got the opportunity of seen nesting Sea Turtles, Iguanas, Crocodiles, many bird species and monkeys.  There were even Sharks, Manta Rays, whales and sting rays just offshore, but unable to see them since you needed a Seadoo to get there.

We also had a great time doing the Ziplining.

I took lots of picture of both the tournament and the entire trip.  I’m just going thru them and will post them up soon.

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