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Niagara Falls Everything to do with Sex Show 2011

For the first time, the Everything to do with Sex Show opened in Niagara falls.  I had the opportunity to attend it most of the week.  I had a great time talking with the exhibitors, vendors and friends.  It was a bit slow at first, but it picked up as the weekend progressed.   I hung around mainly around the stage and the ArkAngel Art bodypainting booth, where most of the action was.  I did walk around the Dungeon area too, but due to their no cameras allowed policy, I did not take any photos there.  Most of the pictures I took were of the bodypainted people and the stage show.    The models for the Stage Show were provided by Sandra Roberts from Pie Magazine.

8th annual Canada Cup Floorball Championship.

During the Victoria Day Long weekend, Cec, Colton and I had the opportunity to volunteer at the 8th Annual Canada Cup Floorball Championship held at the Tait McKenzie Center at  Toronto’s York University.  We all had a great time and had the pleasure of meeting several Hockey Hall of Famers such as Borje Salming, Nick Kypreos, Bill Delago and Jim McKinny.  The tournament took all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday to complete with about 62 teams competing.  The teams divisions ranged from Atom to Adult Elite.  They came from all over North America.  There were no European teams this year, but I do know there were a couple last year from Finland in the Bantam and High School Divisions.   They even brought in referees from Finland, Sweden and the Chzech Republic to officiate during the tournament. 

I was given the task of entering the scoresheet data into the system so the information would be up to date online.  It was surely a long busy weekend.  I didn’t have much time to take pictures since most of my time was spent doing the data entry.  The few I took have been posted.

Costa Rica 2011 Karate Tournament

On January 1, 2011, We had the pleasure of travelling with a large group of people to Costa Rica for a Friendship Karate tournament.  Our competitors were composed of people from Several Ontario martial arts Clubs and were there representing Canada.  The Costa Rican competitors were also composed of about 3 martial arts clubs from the Liberia and Guanacaste region.  On the 2 day competition, our team came back with 70 Gold, 62 Silver and 54 Bronze medals.  There were also 7 Kyu Belt Triple Crown (golds in Forms, weapons and Sparring) winners of which 3 were Black Belts.

We had a great time in Costa Rica and would love to return some day.  Literally Costa Rica translates to Rich Coast, which in fact was quite rich in wildlife.  We got the opportunity of seen nesting Sea Turtles, Iguanas, Crocodiles, many bird species and monkeys.  There were even Sharks, Manta Rays, whales and sting rays just offshore, but unable to see them since you needed a Seadoo to get there.

We also had a great time doing the Ziplining.

I took lots of picture of both the tournament and the entire trip.  I’m just going thru them and will post them up soon.

It's time to Travel

It’s a few weeks before Christmas and the count down has started.    Not just for the Christmas Holidays and New Years.. but for my Trip down to Costa Rica.   My family has been invited down to Costa Rica for a Karate Tournament.  It’s one day of competing within the Canadian Group followed by another day of competitions with the other countries.  I don’t know exactly which countries will be there but it will be at least the Costa Rican team.   But after the competition is over, it’s 5 days of vacation.  It’s an all inclusive resort with our own available and optional excursions such as a 11 platform Zip Lining over the canopy, Hot spring mud bath & zip line, national park tour, adventure rafting, and beach tour with surfing lessons.  Sure is going to be an exciting vacation.  I will post photos whenever I can.

October Blog

I’m not big on Blogging, but here’s what’s been happening since the last time.

It’s been a busy few months with work and family.   I did head over to Michigan for a few days of relaxation and touring.  I also managed to go on a Mediterranean Cruise to Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and Greece.   had a lot of fun, despite the short hurried shore excursions.

While this was happening, the Everthing to do with Sex show in London was happening.  Unfortunately, I was unable to cover it since I was on my Cruise.  But it’s being held in Hamilton on November 5-7, which I plan to cover most of the time.  I will also be covering the Toronto one, which I believe is a few weeks later.

If I get around to it, I may post some pictures… Too many things going on…

Hope to see you there. 🙂

It's been a while

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here.  Work and Family matters have kept me busy so I haven’t had the chance to take any photos lately.  But I will be taking some soon.  During the Summer, I took some pictures of the Corso Italia and Brazil Fest festivals.  I didn’t post many of them since I did not think they were interesting or worth while posting.    I did take some at the Toronto Fetish Fair 2010, but I haven’t gotten around to going thru them and posting them.

I did have the chance of going to the Legendary Motor Cars showroom, home of the Dream Car Garage Show.  Unfortunately, it was a last minute thing when I was visiting a friend and I did not have my camera with me.  Maybe next time.

Also, on September 9th, I was outside the Liberty Grand by the Exhibition Grounds taking photos of Celebrities from the Toronto International Film Festival 2010.  I got a few hockey stars, but two of the bigger stars were Olivia Newton John and David Schwimmer.  I got a few shot of them.  I tried to get some more of them before the party ended, but it seems they snuck out the back door.

I will probably be posting more pictures in the near future since I’ll be on Vacation for two weeks on a  Cruise to the Mediterrenean.  After that, I will be at the Hamilton and Toronto Everything To Do with Sex Shows in November.  There is one in London, but it just happens to be taking place while I’m oversees.

Corso Italia 2010

On June 3 & 4, Corso Italia 2010 was taking place on St. Clair Avenue between Westmont and Landsdowne Ave in Toronto.  I was there early afternoon on the 3rd.  There were a lot of people, lots of foood, and lots of entertainment.  But I was told that later on the evening ,when the day cooled off, it was quite packed and was hard to walk thru.  I had a great time walking and enjoying the event.

Toronto Pride Parade 2010

On June 4th, I decided to drop in to watch the Toronto Pride Parade 2010 in Downtown Toronto.  It was so packed that it was hard to walk thru the streets.  People were pushing and shoving each other.  Not a good place for someone who’s claustrophobic.   I walked the entire parade route looking for an opening to get some clear pictures.  I ended up near the end of the route, but unfortunately did not have time to fully cover the entire parade due to time constraints.   I took a whole bunch of pics which I’ll post soon.

G-String Summit 2010

While the G8 and G20 was going on in Toronto, Treasures was having their G-String Summit with Brooke Haven as the feature girl.   I had the chance to attend it with my friend Mike of XXXToronto.com and take some pictures.  It was a lot of fun.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance of doing it again in the future.


I also had the opportunity of attending BoneTrigger’s concert, but was unable to do so during the short time.  But I did manage to meet them after their concert in their own studio.  Took a few pics.