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It's been a while

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here.  Work and Family matters have kept me busy so I haven’t had the chance to take any photos lately.  But I will be taking some soon.  During the Summer, I took some pictures of the Corso Italia and Brazil Fest festivals.  I didn’t post many of them since I did not think they were interesting or worth while posting.    I did take some at the Toronto Fetish Fair 2010, but I haven’t gotten around to going thru them and posting them.

I did have the chance of going to the Legendary Motor Cars showroom, home of the Dream Car Garage Show.  Unfortunately, it was a last minute thing when I was visiting a friend and I did not have my camera with me.  Maybe next time.

Also, on September 9th, I was outside the Liberty Grand by the Exhibition Grounds taking photos of Celebrities from the Toronto International Film Festival 2010.  I got a few hockey stars, but two of the bigger stars were Olivia Newton John and David Schwimmer.  I got a few shot of them.  I tried to get some more of them before the party ended, but it seems they snuck out the back door.

I will probably be posting more pictures in the near future since I’ll be on Vacation for two weeks on a  Cruise to the Mediterrenean.  After that, I will be at the Hamilton and Toronto Everything To Do with Sex Shows in November.  There is one in London, but it just happens to be taking place while I’m oversees.

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