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Toronto Everything to do with Sex Show 2009

It’s been a long 3 days, if you don’t count the pre-show kickoff party.    The Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show 2009 is finally over.  I took over 2000 pictures plus over 300 at the pre-show party.  There were lots of flashing going on and most of it wasn’t from the cameras.  Ran into lots of people and new contacts.   It took me a while to go thru the photos before posting them.  They will also be posted soon in XXXToronto.com, Toronto.me and at the Everything To do With Sex Show website.      Thanks to Mike Bellissimo, Shawn Sparks and Ron Black for letting me hang around them.  It gave me the opportunity to get better shots and get more network contacts.  Thans to Both Reggie Ark Angel and Joshua Mayhem for allowing me to hang around them and take great shots of their models, Shawn, Darren, Allison, Andree and Betty Boobs.

Enjoy and I hope you like them.

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